Comment from the New York Times article

China’s Combative Nationalists See a World Turning Their Way

Author: Kc

In the case of Covid-19, both the West and the Chinese are missing the point. The global pandemic is indeed a disaster where a top-down system has advantage. The good of the collective definitely outweighs that of the individual. Here China shows great resolve and its people sacrificed greatly in just a few months to get things under control.

The West is afraid of acknowledging this point for fear of praising an authoritative state. They cast about and praise the like of Taiwan or South Korea. But the population size makes a huge difference! It's one thing to contain the virus on an island; it's quite different for a country of hundreds of millions of people, as is painful evident in the cases of US and India.

The Chinese is also missing the point. The pandemic is a once-in-a-century disaster. Few other challenges in today's world would be like that. When this is over, a democratic society with free thoughts will boost innovation and progress, while a rigid system could kill them.

What the world needs now is not dogma, but to look at the problems analytically for solutions, and decide their merits wherever they exist.


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